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Pole dancing lessons are the new fittness

Pole Dancing Lessons

At Emma's Pole Dancing you can either join one of the mixed ability classes that run regularly throughout the week or book a private lesson, either 1-2-1 or with friends. If you're looking for a fun way to celebrate a hen do or birthday, Emma's Pole Dancing can also organise a bespoke pole party for your group.

Whether you want to get fit, work towards a medal, put on a performance or simply have fun, Emma's Pole Dancing will help you achieve your goal.

At our pole dancing classes you will never be short of a pole or a pole dancing instructor. We have 2 rooms with 6 poles each and Emma and her team of instructors will always be there to guide you.

For full details of our pole dancing classes and how to book please click here.

Pole fitness
Pole dancing provides an excellent cardiovascular workout which tones your body's form, burns fat and increases flexibility. Students who book pole dancing courses report improved flexibility and a more toned and trim body shape after just a few sessions.

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Why come pole dancing?
Pole dancing provides both a physical and mental workout. This means improved strength through lean muscle production, improving stamina and body posture, along with heightened self-confidence, through the sensual moves you learn during your training!

Above all else, Pole Dancing is GREAT FUN and a great place to meet like minded friends!

Aerial Arts Fitness

We also hold lessons in Aerial (Lyra) and Silks. At our studio in Derby we are equipped with all the wonderful silks and circus apparatus to support your progress in learning beautiful aerial movements and shapes. Our aerial arts sessions concentrate on activating core muscles for balance and stability, as well as improving coordination and flexibility. Our activities can burn up to 500 calories per session!

For whom?
Our Silks, Hoops and Trapeze classes are suitable for everyone including beginners.

Why come to Aerial classes?
This course teaches you how to work with your own body height, shape and weight in the air. It's great for toning up the Gluteal (bums), Abdominals (tummy), back and arms. We will focus a lot on improving your motor skills such as balance, coordination and flexibility through the legs and back by teaching you arches' and splits. Eventually you will be able to dance as though you are floating in the air!

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