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Meet The Instructors


Emma has been pole dancing since 2006, where she fell in love with the sport, and decided that she wanted to devote her career to teaching the art of pole. She has been doing aerial since 2011.

Emma opened her first pole school, Emma’s Pole Dancing, in 2006, and has since watched her studio grow and expand. She has recently moved into her 4th studio, as the school has outgrown previous premises, as pole and aerial has gained in massive popularity.

In 2014, Emma appeared on Britain’s Got Talent, performing for the judges, and receiving four “yes’s”. She became an internet sensation with her video’s going viral, and has since appeared on TV around the world and has taught workshops in several different countries.

Emma has competed and judged at several competitions, and runs IPAAT every year (International Pole and Aerial Tournament), attracting competitors from across the world.

She continues to adore teaching and performing.


Leah found her love for pole dancing in 2007 when she started for exercise after having her daughter. Leah has been teaching at Emma’s Pole Dancing since January 2009. She has her Exercise to Music Certificate and is first aid trained.

Leah has competed in the Doubles Category in the following competitions:

Leah loves teaching and finds it very rewarding and loves to see the improvement in her students from week to week.


Alicia has been pole dancing for 5 years and training aerial for 2 years. She loves to perform and has done various performances around the midlands.

She trains a wide variety of disciplines including pole, aerial, handstands, flexibility/contortion, floorwork and exotic dance. She attends workshops all around to ensure her training is kept at a high standard.

She is a brand ambassador for Dragonfly Brand clothing and loves the exciting opportunities available in this industry.

She loves being an instructor and looks forward to sharing her knowledge with others everyday


Zoe has been poling since since was 13 years old which was 8 years ago now!

She’s been instructing for Emma since July 2016 and her regular classes are Tuesday early and late Thursday, but she regularly covers numerous classes. She has competed in pole numerous times including IPAAT, Miss pole dance UK Amateur, BPSC and Lucy's pole competition which she has placed 1st 2nd and 3rd in categories, ranging from advanced to expert, and also competed in the intermediate silks at IPAAT in which she placed first. She’s never got bored of pole or aerial and always find new challenges.

She hopes to see you soon to see how much you achieve!


Courtney has been poling for about 5 years, and started at Emma's when a friend told her to come. She really enjoyed it and had group lessons for about a year and half, then started having privates lessons and dabbling in hoop as well as silks.

She has been in three competitions, two for hoop and one or hoop doubles and hopes to enter more in the future. She started teaching in 2016, and her other hobbies include horse riding and climbing.

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