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Pole dancing lessons are the new fitness

Pole Dancing Lessons

Emma's Pole Dancing makes the art of pole dancing accessible to all levels and abilities. Lessons run throughout the week at the Derby studio. Classes cater for all ages, abilities, shapes and sizes, with a group size of 6 to 12 people per class. Pole dancing classes are mixed ability, and moves are taught to the level of each individual. It helps beginners to watch the more advanced students showing them what they can achieve (as they were beginners once!). At first you will think its hard but after approx. 3 lessons you will start to pick it up easily.

Our fixed schedule of Pole Dancing Classes are available at our Derby venue, however we also operate a Members Scheme with classes available at our Derby centre. Membership requires a monthly subscription, and for that you can choose two classes per week - bookable online, from our selected Members Only dates. For more information click Members Only above.

Standard Pole Dancing Class prices

A block of four pole dancing classes is £45 and these can be taken at any point in a two month period. New clients or ex-clients wishing to return can pay for a single lesson at £15 to try the class before committing to a course of 4 lessons.

Private lessons

Private lessons are available, either 1-to-1 or bring a group of your friends (maximum 15 people) for the hour. Some students choose to have private lessons alongside their regular pole dancing classes to brush up on specific moves or rehearse for a competition or performance.

Monday to Sunday, day or night - you choose!

Prices are £30 for one person, £40 for two people, £50 for 3 to 5 people and £10 per person for groups of 6+. These are one hour long and can be a combination of pole and aerial arts strength and flex training, dancing style or just one. A £10 deposit is required, payable by debit or credit card when you phone to make the booking.

What to wear to a pole dancing lesson

You need to wear shorts so you can grip the pole, but you can wear any top with bare feet or socks. Emma's Pole Dancing uniforms are on sale and are perfect for practice sessions; both shorts and top are available in all sizes!

Booking a pole dancing class

Always book in advance to avoid disappointment as pole dancing classes are capped at a maximum of 12 people. If you need to cancel a class then please give 24 hours notice so your space can be filled.

To book a pole dancing lesson call 07866 715 556, or e-mail emmaspoledancing@hotmail.co.uk, please note that a £10 deposit is required when booking a lesson.

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