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Emma's Pole Dancing makes the aerial arts and pole dancing accessible to all levels and abilities. Group lessons run throughout the week at our studio in Derby, with 12 available spaces in our pole classes and 10 in the aerial ones. We cater for all ages, abilities, shapes and sizes, including complete beginners. At first you will think its hard but after around 3 lessons you will start to pick it up easily.

We do also run Beginners courses throughout the year. It is a good idea to follow our Facebook page to see when they will be coming up.

And of course if you don’t feel that group lessons are for you, or you want to work towards something more specific, we do offer private sessions.

Pole Dancing

Pole Dancing is becoming a much more widely accepted sport. It involves both dancing around the bottom of the pole, what we call Flow, and then you have your Tricks. These can involve climbing or going upside down, all the way up to holding some incredible poses requiring both strength and flexibility, similar to gymnastics or acrobatics.

What to wear to a pole dancing lesson

You need to wear shorts so you can grip the pole, but you can wear any top with bare feet or socks. We do have clothing available to buy at the studio.

Aerial Arts

In our Mixed Aerial classes we teach both Aerial Hoop and Silks. The Hoops are a wonderful circus apparatus in which the student learns beautiful movements and shapes while on a large metal hoop suspended in the air. And you may have seen silks performers who look as though they float in mid-air with silk ribbons from shows such as The Cirque Du Soleil. Both disciplines have their own unique points.

What to wear to an Aerial lesson

Any comfortable clothing that fits close to the skin and is non-restrictive to your movements is recommended. To start with you may wish to wear a long sleeved top and leggings, as these will help prevent friction burns. As you progress though you may prefer the extra grip that bare skin offers, which is why some of students wear shorts and a vest top. Bare feet are recommended.

Booking a class

Always book in advance to avoid disappointment, you can do this online. If you need to cancel a class then again please do so online. Our cancellation policy is that you need to give 8 hours notice otherwise you will lose your money.



  • Phone Number

    07866 715 556
    9:30am to 6:30pm

  • Studio Address

    Unit 12
    Kingsway Industrial Park
    Kingsway Park Close
    DE22 3FP

    We are left of the Clip'n'Climb unit.

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Lessons and Prices

All our lessons need to be booked in advance, and the easiest way to do this is online. You can pay per class or join our Membership scheme which provides discounts and free practice sessions. Please note we require 4 hours notice to cancel, otherwise you will lose your money.

Group Classes

Our 90 minute group lessons are £15 each, or you can buy a block of 4 for £45. 

Monday 6pm Pole Class
Monday 7:45pm Pole Class
Tuesday 7:45pm Pole Class
Wednesday 7:45pm Pole Class
Thursday 6pm Pole Class
Thursday 7:45pm Pole Class

See below for our Course schedule:


Members Classes

Our Adult membership scheme is £45 per month, and this allows you to come to two 60 minute classes per week:

Wednesday 12:30pm Pole Class
Wednesday 1:45pm Aerial Hoop and Silks
Friday 6:30pm Pole Class
Friday 7:45pm Aerial Hoops and Silks
Saturday 11am Pole Class
Saturday 12:15pm Aerial Hoops and Silks

You may still join these classes without subscribing to our membership plan by paying £10 per class but Membership includes £5 off any extra group lessons that you wish to attend, this reduces the 90 minute class price down to £10, and 60 minute class to £5.

Members also get £5 off our Courses and a FREE practice session each week, currently running on Fridays 7:45pm.

Our Membership package offers the best value for money if you are looking to frequently join our classes.


Teen & Kids Membership

We run Aerial classes for 5-10 year olds, on Mondays & Thursdays at 4:30pm. This costs £30 per month or £8 per session.

We also offer Teen Aerial sessions for 11-15 year olds which run on Thursdays at 5:20pm.  The Teen Membership costs £32 per month and allows you to come to 1 of those sessions per week.

Some of our Teens also like to come to one of the Adult sessions each week too, you can upgrade by paying £16 per month extra to cover the one Teen class and one Adult class per week.



Terms and Conditions apply. By attending Emma's Pole Dancing you agree to abide by our Terms and Conditions, to review them please click here.